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3 Things to Look for Before Renting a Property in Singapore 

When the time comes for you to rent a new place to live in Singapore, you may have high hopes of finding that perfect new space. In your mind, the ideal property rentals in Singapore for you may have a location close to where you work, have an affordable rate and have all of the space that you and your family need. While these are certainly top criteria to look for in any potential property that you are thinking about leasing, the fact is that there are a few other things to look for in a property rental as well. As you continue your search for a property rental, keep these things in mind.

The Property Condition

You may be able to learn more about the property condition when you review the photos online. Take time to zoom into the photos, and look at them on your larger computer screen rather than your cell phone if possible. When you visit the property in person, take in as much information about the property condition as possible.


You want to ensure the layout is great and your furniture will fit into the space. However, things like a whistling noise when the AC unit runs or a crack in the drywall may irritate you when you move in and may continue to irritate you for the entire time you live there. Some property conditions are health and safety issues, such as a space that is very dirty or a balcony railing that is wobbly.


The Neighbourhood

You should also research the neighbourhood as much as possible. You can conduct some research online by simply searching for information about the neighbourhood and nearby businesses. For example, if there is a restaurant on the corner of the street and reviews say that the restaurant has crime issues, this may be a sign that the neighbourhood is one that you want to steer clear of. On the other hand, if the reviews about that same restaurant indicate that it is a popular spot for date night or for families to dine, it may be reasonable to assume that the crime rate in the local area is fairly low. Take time to research reviews on as many of the nearby businesses as you can.


Take time to research reviews on as many of the nearby businesses as you can


The Neighbours

In addition to researching the neighbourhood, you should also focus on the neighbours. If possible, visit the property during different times of the day, including in the evenings and weekends.


Take note of issues like slamming doors, yelling, crying babies and barking dogs in nearby units. Consider if the neighbours have kids and if you prefer to have a family-oriented living experience or a quieter and more mature experience. If you have kids, it can be beneficial to have neighbours with kids of a similar age next door. If you are a young or older adult without kids, this may not be ideal. Some people may go so far as to knock on the neighbours’ doors before signing a lease, but you may be able to glean some information by simply making a few observations as you visit the property.


Barking Dogs



Baby Crying

If you are looking for a fabulous place to rent in Singapore, you may be focusing your efforts on finding an affordable place with a great location and a nice floor plan. However, there is more involved in selecting the perfect rental property than looking at those factors alone. Whether you plan to lease the space for a few months or a few years, you want to have the best overall living experience possible. Therefore, pay attention to all of these points when you are trying to make your decision. You may be happier with the property you select as a result.