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4 Tips To Accept Better Job Offers (And Amicably Leave Your Current Employer)

When looking for a job, an employed job seeker needs to tread lightly. However, this can be difficult once a candidate finds his or her desired position. While it may be tempting to burn bridges, a current employee should leave on favorable terms with his or her bosses. When doing so, a worker will not harm his or her long-term for prospects. Here are four tips on accepting job offers while attached to a company.


The whole package

When looking to make the move up, many forget to analyze the situation. When looking at a job offer, one must look at retirement benefits, health benefits and other intangibles. When doing this, the candidate will avoid any awkward or uncomfortable situations. Remember, sometimes a move may look good on paper while the reality may not be so true.



A candidate who finds a new job should give adequate amounts of notice that he or she is leaving. At minimum, one should give their current boss two weeks’ notice. For more crucial and high paying jobs, the employee should consider giving their boss a full month to find a replacement. When giving plenty of warning, the current company will be pleased. In fact, most executive search firm businesses encourage candidates to give an adequate amount of notice.





Often, a worker can help his or her old company with the transition to a new employee. When doing this, the worker who is heading out the door will make one will last positive impression with management. In some cases, one can stay on at their old company as a part-time contractor. Of course, this would be up to the individual to decide if they have enough time. Without a doubt, when training the replacement, the former employee will retain his or her solid standing with the current company.




During the process, one should remain honest with both businesses. When doing this, a candidate would not cause strife with either company. Remember, a job offer can fall through at any time. With honesty, a current employee will make sure he or she suffers no repercussions during the process. Remember, most employers will be accommodating to an honest worker.



Sadly, some candidates damage the reputation when moving to a new company. When seeking employment, one must not burn bridges. When following these four tips, a current employee will not hurt his or her long-term careers prospects.

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