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5 Best Entry-Level Jobs In Malaysia



Upon graduation, many people think that their hardships are literally over. However, they neglect to take into consideration the daunting task of landing a good job. The graduation marks the start of a harder journey towards success and a greener pasture.


It’s not always that hard if you’re not choosy when it comes to your first job. This is because most companies today prefer applicants with experience in the professional field.


There are, however, companies who give due consideration to fresh graduates. They offer entry-level jobs where you can start working for a career path in the future. In Malaysia, there are many job opportunities for fresh graduates.


Companies offer jobs where fresh graduates can develop themselves into professionals. This experience will gear them toward their future goals.


5 Best Entry-Level Jobs

Designer drawing a light bulb, concept for brainstorming and inspiration

  1. Graphic Designer


A graphic designer creates graphics for a wide spectrum of purposes such advertising, creating logos, packaging, and labeling. Many fresh graduates of related courses such as computer science and media design can apply as graphic designers as long as they are well adept with the understanding of the tools needed.


  1. Network Engineer


For Computer Engineering graduates, while they are preparing for certifications, they can apply for entry-level jobs related to network engineering. These jobs are perfect training grounds for them to become well-versed in their chosen field.

Pursuing a Career as a Financial Analyst

  1. Financial Analyst


A financial analyst’s role is to analyze financial information for companies such as banks, businesses, and insurance companies. Fresh graduates from courses like Bachelor’s degree in finance, economics and accounting are perfect for this type of job. Also, the promotion rate for this type of job is high.


  1. Sales Representative


This type of entry-level job is perfect for anyone who has talent in selling products. Also, anyone can apply for this type of job regardless of his or her course. Apart from being a sales representative, you can also be a customer representative in the BPO industry or call centers. Also, admin job vacancies can be good training grounds to further hone your skills and capabilities.


  1. Copywriter


If you’re a talented writer, regardless of which courses you finished, you can definitely apply as a copywriter. This job offers a good pay and you’ll pursue something you really love. In the future, you can already write your own book or novel.


Graduating from college is a great accomplishment. However, the challenge comes after that. Finding and landing a decent and good-paying job remains a plight for most fresh graduates. That is why it’s better to apply for entry-level jobs first to gain experience and training. This will prepare you for bigger job opportunities in the future.


When you apply for an entry-level job, you will be given the opportunity to show off your skills and knowledge. This will help you get promoted in the future especially if your company sees the potential in you. Though you get paid lower than you expect from your very first job, it gets you a step closer to finding the perfect job match for you.