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Applying to Law School

Anyone who is considering law school should give careful thought to preparing an application when the time comes. While many factors will determine whether or not a student is admitted to a law school program of study, a handful of these will play a significant role in the school’s admission decision.

1. Prepare to take the LSAT. The LSAT is a widely-used admissions test that determines a student’s aptitude and readiness for legal coursework. Study materials and sample exams are available for practice before taking the scheduled exam. Undergraduate students can get a good idea of the type and number of questions that are given in the test, and prepare accordingly.

2. Take undergraduate courses that help to prepare for law coursework. Earning a Bachelor of Law degree is ideal, when feasible. However, many undergraduate students take more general coursework electives to prepare for legal studies, including English composition, critical thinking, business and finance, international studies, and psychology. Learning how people and societies work effectively can provide helpful training for someone who plans to study law.

3. Seek employment in a law office. Working full- or part-time, or possibly volunteering in a law office, provides an excellent opportunity to observe the practice of law at close range. Typical positions include law clerk, legal secretary, paralegal or legal assistant, researcher, file clerk, and receptionist. Some undergraduate students apply for summer internships or fill temporary positions for regular law office staff who go on vacation, take medical leave, or resign. Earning job skills in a law office equips undergraduate students with insight and experience that will come in handy during graduate study in a school of law.

When the time comes to apply to a program of legal study following graduation with a bachelor’s degree, these qualifications can enhance an applicant’s credentials (Read The 4 Tiers of Law School). For more information about law school study, consult resources like Knowledge is power that can facilitate the process of preparing a successful application to a law college and planning for a legal career.