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Practical Online Marketing Tips That Any Small Business Can Use

Online marketing is something that every business needs to use in order to grow and prosper. It can be difficult to know where to start. Marketing mistakes could even damage your brand or business for some time. You must know about some practical online marketing tips that any small business can use today.

Optimise Everything for Search Engines

You need to start by optimising everything you have online for search engines. This includes every page of your website from the individual product descriptions to the about us text. You need to optimise the code, titles and metadata as well. Use backlinks strategically. Research the keywords that are most relevant to your business and products or services. This will greatly improve your visibility and bring in more site traffic.

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Get your webs...

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Mobile E-Commerce Tips That Will Help to Increase Conversions for Your Business


Mobile e-commerce sales are growing significantly every year. Mobile sites are opening up new opportunities for businesses to engage with consumers. The key is designing a mobile website that will effectively convert consumers from simple visitors into paying customers. Several mobile e-commerce tips will help you to increase conversions for your business.


The better the product image, the more consumer will purchase the product.

Focus Heavily On Product Images

Most of the consumers who are making purchases through mobile devices state that the quality of the product photos matter significantly. This means poor quality product images could actually prevent people from purchasing the item because there is too little detail. You need to focus heavily on the quality of product images...

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5 Common E-Commerce Mistakes

Online selling can be advantageous for many businesses as it enables them to get globe market for their products. A person operating an online store does incur some cost, such as mailing and call centres. Although there are often common mistakes online business men do every day, that make business operations not to run as usual. Below are some of the common mistakes eCommerce site creates and some of their recommendations.

1. Lack of full product information

If a person goes shopping in a supermarket he or she will get the advantage of seeing and reading the full description of the product. Usually online stores do not provide detailed information about the product...

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Singapore Business Registration Info: What Is a Ltd Company


Singapore is one of the most vibrant business centers in the world. As a result, a variety of different types of business structures can be created pursuant to the laws on the books in Singapore. These include laws that permit the creation and management of an ltd company.

A person interested in creating or registering a ltd company in Singapore needs to understand the basics of this type of business structure and enterprise. As an aside, limited companies are identified by the moniker “ltd” listed after the name of the enterprise.

Liability and a Ltd Registration

The most significant aspect element of a ltd company centers on the manner in which the structure limits the liability or exposure of its owner or owners...

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The Advantages of a Serviced Office for Established Businesses

Many established companies do not think that they need serviced offices, as they have already made a space for themselves both in their location and in their target market. However, serviced office spaces can be beneficial to any business regardless of how long they have been operating.

Serviced offices provide so much more than just a physical space. The office is managed by a third party and are often fully equipped with furniture, workspaces, copy machines and printers, telephone lines and even Internet connections. Receptionists may also be provided in some instances. Serviced office spaces can be up and running in one or two days, which means that employees can get to work faster instead of waiting for the phone lines and the Internet to be set up...

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Step By Step Guide to Singapore Company Registration

Registering a company for sole-proprietorship or partnership in Singapore is unique. It is unique for many reasons, most notably its business practices. A sizable number of people created a business-friendly system in this country that is the envy of the world. Pick up a book from the public library that is written on this subject and you will confront the legal system, fees and other details. Below is a step by step guide of how to register a company in Singapore, which is taken from one of such books. Note that, before registering a company or a business, the new rule requires all self-employed individuals to put a part of their savings into MediSave account with CPF Boards. This requirement is mandatory for all permanent residents as well as citizens of Singapore.

Step 1

First and for...

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