Eye Care

The Cost is Worth It: Why Lasik beats Glasses

LASIK surgery offers a wide range of benefits over eyeglasses. From decreased costs associated with eyewear prescriptions to a lack of stress over where glasses could be misplaced, the information outlined in this article outlines the top reasons why LASIK is worth the cost for improved eye health.

Vision Improvement

Research has shown that 95% of patients of LASIK surgery are able to see with at least 20/40 vision accuity while and 85% are at 20/20 vision and beyond. With one outpatient procedure, patients can enjoy increased satisfaction from life. One cannot wear glasses all the time. When at home, it is time to say goodbye to those squinting induced headaches and hello to clear vision. Lasik in Singapore price is exceptionally low when compared to other countries such as the US and the...

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