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Review: Neato Signature Pro Robotic Cleaner

The outstanding maneuverability and filtration of the Neato Signature Pro Robotic Cleaner lets you clean your floors with little to no effort. A laser guided navigation system allows it to clean by travelling in a straight line. It can easily transition from bare floors to carpeting, and it cleans hard to reach areas under furniture as well. If any items are accidentally left on the floor, the Neato Signature Pro Robotic Cleaner will detect it and safely move around the object without causing any damage to it.


Goes Around Obstacles
Reaches Under Furniture
Can be Programmed for Scheduled Cleanings


☹☹☹ Doesn’t Work Well on High Pile Carpets
☹☹☹ No Remote Control
☹☹☹ Needs to be Charged Frequently

The Neato Signature Pr...

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Automatic Good Housekeeping With iRobot Scooba 390

Good housekeeping requires keeping an ongoing checklist of things that must be done daily, weekly, and monthly. From doing the dishes to wiping down counter tops, keeping the home nice and tidy is best done by staying on top of the small tasks. Some of these chores are relatively simple. Putting away the dishes, taking out the garbage, and other nearly effortless jobs take hardly any time whatsoever away from a person’s busy daily schedule. However, there are the dreaded cleaning tasks that require a substantial investment of time and energy. Cleaning the bathroom, dusting, and cleaning the floors are some familiar items on this cumbersome list. Thankfully, technology and better cleaning supplies are making this chores a little less burdening for those bent on keeping a tidy household.


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