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According to London Weight Management – Experts Tips To Losing Weight Efficiently

There are many different reasons why an individual may be wanting to lose weight. Some of the reasons include, but aren’t limited to: wanting to become healthier, wanting to fit into a specific outfit, wanting to look better, wanting to become better at a sport/activity or all of the above! Whichever the case for losing weight is for the individual, the team at London Weight Management certain steps they should take and lifestyle changes they will be required to make.

When attempting to lose weight, the individual will need to consider a few things about their current lifestyle. It will be best for them to realize what exactly is holding them back from attaining the weight they are desiring...

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London Weight Malaysia – The Guide To The Best Weight Loss Tips

For everyone who’s ever tried to lose weight, you must have read hundreds if not thousands of articles on how to achieve your desirable goal. Many people think that there is more than one way to lose weight, and that’s true. But what most people don’t realize is that it’s not about following simple steps for a week or two until you start losing weight then stop, it’s all about consistency. Your body is used to you, and by that we mean it can trick you just like you try to trick it when you sneak a fatty meal here and there, but the problem here is your body is already prepared to gain weight, which is what its used to...

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Tips for Losing Weight That You Might Not Have Considered Before

Losing weight is a challenge for many people today. You want to lose weight safely and as quickly as possible. You also do not want to have to give up your favourite foods or spend hours in a gym every day. You should know about several weight loss tips that you might not have considered in the past.

Stay off The Scale

Losing weight is about persistence and maintaining motivation. A mistake many people make is to get on the scale every morning to see whether any weight was lost. You should not be doing this. Your body might not lose weight at a consistent rate. You might also have normal daily fluctuations that make it appear as if you gained weight when you really did not. Stay off the scale each day. Weigh yourself just once a week or once a month.


Switch to a Standing Station

If ...

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Sugar Content of Popular Drinks

Sugar is vital for human existence. In the form of glucose, it is essential for cellular respiration, which is the means whereby the human body functions. However, another form of sugar, refined white sugar, can cause considerable malfunction in the body. This form of sugar is found in almost all commercially available food and particularly in many popular drinks.

The following is a list of the sugar content in some popular soft drinks:

A&W Root Beer 12-ounce/355 ml 46 grams 

Arizona Ice Lemon Tea 24-ounce/710 ml 72 grams


Coca Cola 12-ounce/355 ml 39 grams 

Full Throttle Energy Drink 16-ounce/480 ml 58 grams 

McDonald’s Iced Coffee 22-ounce/660 ml 30 grams 

McDonald’s Sweet Tea 32-ounce/960 ml 69 grams 

Milo 3-in-1 any size 0 grams 

Minute Maid Lemonade 20-...

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The Icetea Revolution in the United States

Here in the United States of America, there is a revolution going on! However, this isn’t a political revolution and this isn’t a religious revolution. This revolution is an icetea revolution. You are probably asking yourself now, “what is an ice tea revolution?” Well, this revolution has nothing to do with protesting and nothing to do with taking over anything. This revolution is that more and more people are starting to buy ice tea. Ice tea is quickly becoming one of the most popular drinks in not only the United States of America, but in the world! I really think that ice tea will be the most popular drink by 2013. However, nobody knows for sure...

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Coconut Water is the Natural Ace of Sports Drinks

Sports drinks aid in the body’s performance. Our body deserves nothing but the best and natural. There’s a reason why everything organic is all the rage these days. Coconut drink is the way to go.

It is true that there’s a wide variety of long-standing tested choices available in the market. So much so that some brands have become synonymous to ’sports drink’. Blessed be the day when people re-discovered the long-standing, ever-efficient, super-effective natural sports drink that coconut water is. It makes sense though that it’s only now that it’s being mass distributed for it’s only now that technology allowed for its freshness to be sealed and travel all over the world.

But what makes coconut water any different from the other natural sports drinks? A lot...

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