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A Guide to Giving Yourself a Pedicure

Of course you can go to the salon or to a manicurist to get a fancy pedicure, but they can be expensive and even dangerous. Did you know that many people get infections from going to salons to get manicures and pedicures? Avoid the risk, the fuss and the expense, and do it at home. Did you know you can actually give yourself a wonderful salon-worthy pedicure at home in front of your own television? You can with this guide. Read on to learn more and sit down with a friend or female relative to have a fun “girls night” of pampering.

You need to start by gathering your materials...

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6 Ways to Care for Nails

There are a few important things a person can do to properly care for their nails. Using the proper care techniques is the best way to ensure that nails stay strong and healthy. Here are six of the best nail care tips:

Regular Manicures
Manicuring nails on a regular basis can keep nails looking clean and polished. The basics of manicuring involve polishing and filing nails to an attractive shape. Filing also helps to refine rough and jagged edges on the nails. A person should manicure their own nails about once every week. For even better results, it is best to visit a professional manicurist every four to six weeks.

Soak in Olive Oil
Soaking nails in warm olive oil is an effective way to strengthen and harden nails. Having stronger nails can prevent chipping and breakage...

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A Beginners Guide on Frequently Asked Questions about Fake Nails

Truly, the world of fashion has evolved over the years that even nails can now be faked. Yes, fake nails are everywhere and if you want an instant long and elegantly-looking nail, then you can go to a nearby nail salon and have it fixed. As simple as that!

If this is your first time, then you probably have lots of questions in mind. This article aims to answer basic questions about artificial nails, sponsored by online shopping.

Q: How do you apply fake nails?

A: First, you have to ensure that your nails are clean. If there are traces of nail polish, make sure to remove it with a nail polish remover. File your nails for a smooth and even surface. Then, apply the artificial nail on the dominant thumbnail first. Glue the underside of the false nail to fit perfectly in your nail bed...

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