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Mobile E-Commerce Tips That Will Help to Increase Conversions for Your Business


Mobile e-commerce sales are growing significantly every year. Mobile sites are opening up new opportunities for businesses to engage with consumers. The key is designing a mobile website that will effectively convert consumers from simple visitors into paying customers. Several mobile e-commerce tips will help you to increase conversions for your business.



The better the product image, the more consumer will purchase the product.


Focus Heavily On Product Images

Most of the consumers who are making purchases through mobile devices state that the quality of the product photos matter significantly. This means poor quality product images could actually prevent people from purchasing the item because there is too little detail. You need to focus heavily on the quality of product images. If you provide clear, detailed and professional images, then more consumers will decide to purchase the item.



Make your site simple and fast to convenient the consumer.


Make Navigation Fast and Simple

Consumers using a mobile phone want as little inconvenience as possible. Attention spans are shorter when using a mobile device. This is why you need to make navigation on your e-commerce site fast and simple. Visitors should be able to quickly reach any part of the site without having to tap trough endless pages. Design a navigation scheme that can be accessed from any page. Keep it consistent and visible. If consumers can get to a product or other piece of information fast, then a conversion is far more likely.



Make a flexible shopping cart to full fill consumer satisfaction.


Implement a Persistent Shopping Cart

You should implement a mobile e-commerce website that has a persistent shopping cart. This means the shopping cart software will save any items put into the basket between sessions. Consumers can shop, go away and then come day days later to the same shopping cart. This will help with conversions because returning visitors can jump directly back into the middle of the purchasing process.

Localisation Is Critical For Conversions

If you have a physical storefront or service only specific geographic areas, then localisation is critical to drive conversions. Most people going to mobile e-commerce sites are looking for local relevancy. You want to optimise the website, descriptions and code to be as localised as possible. Include local landing pages for people in specific geographic areas near your stores. Localisation will improve conversions dramatically.



Make the payment convenient and fast for consumer.


Integrate Electronic Payment Options

Consumers using mobile devices are less likely to want to pull out a credit card and type in payment information to make a purchase. This is why you need to integrate other electronic payment options into the e-commerce site. There are both established and emerging electronic payment methods that allow consumers to hit just one or two buttons to complete a purchase. These extra options will improve conversion rates quickly.





Optimise Everything for Speed

Loading times are important for mobile e-commerce websites. Consumers are likely to leave if your site does not load within just a few seconds. You must optimise your e-commerce site for speed. This means reducing image sizes, limiting widgets and streamlining code. This is important because you cannot predict the speed of the connection or device used by any given visitor. A quick loading website will keep consumers browsing until they reach checkout.

Link the Website to the Storefront

A final step is to link the e-commerce website to the storefront. Take advantage of lower e-commerce software pricesto find platforms that allow you to personalise content based on the geographic location of the device. This can bring mobile users into your storefront. You also want to make contacting and finding your closest store as easy as possible. Include exclusive mobile coupons. This will specifically target local users and people who do not want to buy online.

You mobile e-commerce website can become a critical and profitable part of your business. You need to leverage this new technology properly to get the best results. Taking the time to build a friendly, optimised and simple mobile site will increase conversions for your business.