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Sugar Content of Popular Drinks

Sugar is vital for human existence. In the form of glucose, it is essential for cellular respiration, which is the means whereby the human body functions. However, another form of sugar, refined white sugar, can cause considerable malfunction in the body. This form of sugar is found in almost all commercially available food and particularly in many popular drinks.

The following is a list of the sugar content in some popular soft drinks:

A&W Root Beer 12-ounce/355 ml 46 grams 

Arizona Ice Lemon Tea 24-ounce/710 ml 72 grams


Coca Cola 12-ounce/355 ml 39 grams 

Full Throttle Energy Drink 16-ounce/480 ml 58 grams 

McDonald’s Iced Coffee 22-ounce/660 ml 30 grams 

McDonald’s Sweet Tea 32-ounce/960 ml 69 grams 

Milo 3-in-1 any size 0 grams 

Minute Maid Lemonade 20-...

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