Eye Care

The Cost is Worth It: Why Lasik beats Glasses

LASIK surgery offers a wide range of benefits over eyeglasses. From decreased costs associated with eyewear prescriptions to a lack of stress over where glasses could be misplaced, the information outlined in this article outlines the top reasons why LASIK is worth the cost for improved eye health.

Vision Improvement

Research has shown that 95% of patients of LASIK surgery are able to see with at least 20/40 vision accuity while and 85% are at 20/20 vision and beyond. With one outpatient procedure, patients can enjoy increased satisfaction from life. One cannot wear glasses all the time. When at home, it is time to say goodbye to those squinting induced headaches and hello to clear vision. Lasik in Singapore price is exceptionally low when compared to other countries such as the US and the UK. Singapore is also a vibrant place where downtime after surgery will be relaxing and stress free. There are a variety of things to do in the city. The sun is bright, so one may want to wear sunglasses for a period.

No More Prescriptions

Glasses are not forever. Those who work on computers all day may understand this the most. We often need to procure a prescription for glasses after a year or more. Even if the eyes are fine, it is adviseable to at least get a check up. After LASIK surgery is gone, it is no longer necessary to go back in for another follow up surgery. Glasses may even impair the eyes ability to see correctly due to lack of correct prescription. Those who become dependant on glasses who do not follow up for a prescription update can risk further abuse of eyes by not following up with an appointment. A premium pair of prescription lenses can cost anywhere from $500 to $1000 dollars. This is an astronomical amount of money to spend everytime a new pair of glasses are needed.

Ease and Convenience

LASIK is ideal even for teenagers who are prone to losing things. Lost glasses can result in hundreds of dollar thrown out the window. Although it is preferrable that we be able to purchase new frames in an emergency, it is often not possible due to family budgeting. The same thing goes for adults. This is especially appealing for those who are required to wear glasses to operate a vehicle. Why not eliminate the hassle of keeping up with glasses and have LASIK correct eyesight in a one easy and affordable outpatient procedure. Another way that glasses prevent convenience is in their aesthetic. While glasses can give a person a sophisticated and intelligent look effortlessly, this isn’t always what we are going for when on a date or for an evening out at a concert; let’s face it, no one can mosh with glasses.