Skin Care

The Only 2 Multi-Purpose Natural Beauty Ingredients You Need in Your Kitchen

Your skin doesn’t have to suffer any longer. With the contents in your kitchen cabinets, you can achieve a healthy and natural glow that beats any skincare product in stores. By following this guide, you will have blemish-free and young skin in no time!





Honey is nature’s gift for your skin. After sunburns, honey can be used to quickly heal your skin and prevent any scarring or irritation. Even without burns, honey will quickly nourish your skin to remove blemishes and increase pigmentation.


To get the benefits, simply apply raw honey onto your face after a warm shower. Make sure to wrap a towel around your neck to ensure that the honey doesn’t drip off onto your furniture or clothing. Avoid the areas around your eyes when applying the mask as well to prevent any discomfort. After 30 minutes, or whenever you feel comfortable, simply wash the mask off and notice the immediate benefits. Your face will appear smoother, softer, and in a few weeks, it will be clearer than ever before!¬†(Beautiful Skin Secrets see Shakura Malaysia)


To achieve the best effect, you must use raw organic honey. This honey will be white and clumpy as opposed to the runny and yellow version found in most supermarkets. However, raw honey contains more antioxidants and is free from added sugars.

Lemon Juice


Lemon juice is great for reducing blemishes and achieving a brilliant glow. It can also help to bleach your hair! However, if you are trying to achieve a tan or are frequently exposed to the sun, you may wish to avoid lemon juice’s bleaching power.


To begin, you can either buy lemons to juice or buy a concentrated organic bottle of pre-squeezed juice. Apply onto your face and let it sit for roughly 15 minutes. Be very careful to avoid your eyes during the process. After 15 minutes, wash the juice away carefully with cold water. Repeat this three times a week to achieve a natural and beautiful glow!


Along with lemon juice, you can also use apple cider vinegar to reduce blemishes. However, apple cider vinegar is very strong, and it must be diluted with a lot of water. Use this mixture only once a week and only for spot treatment. By following these tips, you will have healthy and natural skin in no time!