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What You Need to Know About Bridal Car Rentals

Imagine the following scenario: you and your spouse-to-be have planned an idyllic destination wedding in beautiful Singapore. The venue has been booked, the wedding band and caterer have been hired, and the guest list finalized when you stumble upon an advertisement for a bridal car rental company. The cars featured in the ad are beautiful and the cost is unbelievably low. This, you decide, is the perfect final touch to your dream wedding.

Renting a special vehicle for the bride is a great way to add a touch of class and glamour to the wedding ceremony. It’s also the perfect pampering treatment for a blushing bride. A professional chauffeur can whisk her from the makeup chair to the church in a real-life Cinderella fairy tale. Before rushing out and signing a contract with any car rental company though, there are a few questions for the soon-to-be couple to ask to ensure they are getting the quality service and unforgettable experience they need.


What Costs Can You Expect?

First things first: it’s crucial to know exactly what costs you can expect from a bridal rental car company. You will likely have two choices: renting the vehicle for the evening or renting the vehicle by the hour. If you rent the vehicle for the evening, you can use it to travel to and from the wedding photo locations, ceremony venue, reception venue, and even the hotel at which you are staying. Because you’ll be using the car and driver more extensively, of course, this option may cost a little more. If you want a more affordable experience, you might wish to consider renting the bridal car by the hour. Determine precisely how long you will use the vehicle, and use that estimate to calculate the cost for an hourly or nightly rate. Also, inquire about additional charges like cleaning fees, driver gratuities, and mileage charges.


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What Cars Are Available?

Most bridal car rental companies have a wide assortment of vehicles from which to choose. What type of vehicle is going to fit your ceremony best? Are you interested in an antique car that has been meticulously restored? Is your taste more suited to a sporty, flashy vehicle? Perhaps you’d like a stretch limousine that can accommodate the entire bridal party. Know what you want before contacting rental companies, and you’ll be much more likely to pull up to the wedding ceremony in the car of your dreams.


Special Offers, Discounts, and Deals

Finally, it’s prudent to inquire about special offers, discounts, and deals when contacting a bridal car rental company. Some rental agencies may offer discounts when multiple cars are rented. You might be able to save money by renting cars for the wedding party, the groom, or your family members. Rental costs often fluctuate by season, too, so you may be able to lower costs by renting a bridal car on off-peak days like weekdays, Sundays, or even during the winter. Some rental car companies even offer discounts for paying in cash or paying in advance.

By asking questions about expected costs, hidden fees, vehicle styles and models, and available savings, you can rent a beautiful bridal car that will carry you to meet your Prince Charming: one that won’t turn into a pumpkin before the night is through.



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